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STOP it, I’m emotional



— Brett, taking the Derek Hale approach to calming wayward puppies down. (via because-sterek)

Was that the Sydney girl again? The one that was in the Weaponized that fainted in the classroom. It looked like that was her at the Lacrosse game holding the “Go Liam!” sign. I feel like they just keep showing her. They did give her a significant more screen time in Weaponized compared to other background characters. 

It was nice seeing someone in the crowd watching and cheering on Liam, it reminded me of Lydia and Allison during season 1.



Foam and Worbla armour MEGA TUTORIAL

Tutorial by AmenoKitarou

Super duper awesome and helpful! I am totally going to try this out for my Garrosh cosplay.

keeping this for my knight cosplay (:B 

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Close your eyes…
themed by coryjohnny for tumblr